Leather and Faux Leather


Syntec has partnered with CMI, a renowned leather and fabrics supplier to access various grades of leather for use in furniture applications and beyond. Our leather is purchased from South America where it is shipped and meticulously finished, painted or dyed. Our partners benefit from Syntec's vast knowledge of leather applications in the Marine market while having access to a large array of leather products with various qualities, colors and textures to meet every style and pricepoint.

Any standard stocked leather is available one hide at time. Custom colored leather products require a 30 hide minimum order. Each hide is on average 45-55 square feet.



Syntec also offers a variety of faux leather products where color and texture are matched to leather products and can be used as a complimentary fabric.

See our complete line of complimentary Faux Leathers and Vinyl on the Marine Vinyl page