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Wall-to-Wall Perfection.

You put a lot of time and effort into building better manufactured homes, and a quality carpet can be the finishing touch that makes all the difference. But you don’t want to just cover your flooring—you want to enhance it.

Syntec’s superior colorfast and stain-resistant polyester carpeting is one of the finest products designed for the manufactured home market. With proper maintenance and cleaning, our carpets retain their color, even when they come into contact with common chloride-based household products.

What makes our carpeting so strong? It’s outfitted with Enhancetec™, our exclusive, state-of-the-art fiber that gets its unparalleled strength through a twisting, heat-setting, and tufting process—without the need for any chemicals.

Ready to turn your manufactured houses into homes—and turn buyers’ heads? Open your doors to the quality carpeting of Syntec.

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Syntec produces only the finest quality Manufactured Housing products, so we hire only the finest salespeople to sell them — men and women who are as passionate about a beautiful home as the customers they work with. That’s why our Manufactured Housing sales team has so many long-term relationships with customers, and why they come back time and time again. When you work with the Manufactured Housing sales team at Syntec, you can count on a great product and professional and friendly service.