You’ll Want to Snap These Up
Snap-In Mat Kits Featuring Syntec’s Finest

When it comes to your boat, you want only the best—so the right mats matter.

At Syntec, we produce mat kits from a variety of our most popular materials, including Marine Carpet, reFLEX, and Sensations. Whichever product you choose, all mat kits are perfectly bound and easily snap into place.

Our customers love our snap-in mat kits because they can be easily cleaned with a vacuum for regular maintenance, or soap and water for dirtier messes. And, because they conveniently snap on and off, they can be removed and stowed when boating season is over, stretching your dollar and expanding their lifespan.

There are a variety of backings to choose from, but Aqua TracTM is by far our most popular. Designed exclusively for Syntec, Aqua TracTM offers a superior non-skid backing and is designed not to crack or delaminate over time. It also allows water to drain, which helps reduce mold and mildew growth.

Three of our most popular snap-in mat materials:

E117 9135 Sterling

Marine Carpet

Syntec’s exceptional selection of patterns and colors have been carefully designed to reflect contemporary trends, and the soft, plush feel is welcoming to every customer who comes aboard your boat.

Our marine carpeting is resistant to moisture, mildew, mold, and UV rays, and is exceptionally durable even in the harshest of boating conditions.

reFLEX Dark Grey


Molded exclusively with high-density polyethylene foam, reFLEX tops competing manufactured EVA padding (and we have the lab tests to prove it). reFLEX boasts industry-leading texture, traction, temperature control, and sound dampening qualities.

With a specialized composition, reFLEX also resists heat distortion and shrinkage and repels most stains, mold, and mildew, as well as the sun’s rays.

Argyle Zinc


Created on a state-of-the-art Jacquard Loom in a stunning array of colors, Sensations offers carefree maintenance because it’s tough on mold and mildew while resisting tearing and abrasion.

Sensations meets marine flammability requirements, resists negative effects from ozone and most chemicals, and is dimensionally stable in diverse climates.

Syntec Badge Logo

Syntec Customer Service


Syntec produces only the finest quality marine products, so we hire only the finest salespeople to sell them—men and women who are as passionate about boating as the customers they work with. That’s why our marine sales team has so many long-term relationships with customers, and why they come back time and time again. When you work with the marine sales team at Syntec, you can count on a great product and professional and friendly service.