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Indulge Your Senses With Sensations
Woven PVC textiles offering luxury that lasts

Sensations by Syntec delivers exceptional performance, stunning aesthetics, and a comfortable tactile experience. Available in a variety of patterns, this unique material looks beautiful in any Recreational Vehicle, yet is tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Sensations by Syntec® lets RV travelers spend more time relaxing—and less time worrying. That’s because Sensations delivers exceptionable performance, offering unparalleled wet and dry slip resistance and the durability to handle whatever conditions life on the road has in store.

But Sensations isn’t just functional, it’s also beautiful. Available in a variety of unique and eye-catching patterns, Sensations offers style that goes the extra mile. And because Sensations is tough enough to withstand everything from hiking boots to hunting dogs, its good looks won’t fade over time.

New 2019 Syntec Sensations Style Collections
Click Any Collection for Gallery View with Style and Pattern Descriptions.

Argyle Iron Gate


Barcode Boulder Grey


Brio Iron Gate


Double Plank Belmont Hickory

Double Plank

Elation Gunsmoke


Evolution Boulder Grey


Jitters Driftwood


Oakwood Boulder Grey


Oasis Iron Gate


Passion Iron Gate


Prism Mica


Shivers Caribou


Thicket Grey Fox


Tickles Sienna


Tranquil Mica


Twill Caribou


Urban Weave Sienna

Urban Weave

This is just a small sampling of our design choices.  With Sensations, the possibilities are limitless!
If you’re an OEM looking for flooring options, please contact your Syntec Representative to view our complete line of products.

Argyle Sienna
Argyle Vanilla Bean
Argyle Zinc
Barcode Timberwolf
Barcode Truffle
Barcode Zinc
Brio Sienna
Brio Stonehearth
Double Plank Honey Oak
Elation Mica
Elation Saddle
Elation Truffle
Elation Vanilla Bean
Evolution Sienna
Evolution Vanilla Bean
Evolution Zinc
Jitters Stonehearth
Jitters Truffle
Jitters White
Jitters Zinc
Oakwood Iron Gate
Oakwood Sienna
Oakwood Zinc
Oasis Stonehearth
Oasis Truffle
Oasis Zinc
Passion Sienna
Passion Zinc
Prism Vanilla Bean
Shivers Sienna
Shivers Truffle
Thicket Gunsmoke
Thicket Stonehearth
Thicket Timberwolf
Tickles Truffle
Tickles Zinc
Tranquil Sienna
Tranquil Tawny
Tranquil VanillaBean
Urban Weave Silver Sand
Urban Weave Timberwolf
Urban Weave Zinc
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