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The Comfort of Carpet, The Quality of Syntec

Marine Carpet by Syntec delivers exceptional performance, stunning aesthetics, and a comfortable tactile experience. Available in a variety of patterns, this unique material looks beautiful on any boat, yet is tough enough to weather any condition.

Marine Carpet by Syntec lets boat captains and their crew spend more time relaxing—and less time worrying. That’s because Syntec delivers exceptionable performance, offering unparalleled wet and dry slip resistance so feet stay planted firmly on the floor even when navigating rough waters.

Our marine carpet isn’t just functional, it’s also beautiful. Available in a variety of unique and eye-catching patterns, Syntec offers style that goes the extra nautical mile. And because our marine carpet is tough enough to weather the rigors of boating and natural elements like rain and sun, its good looks won’t fade over time.

Syntec Exterior Marine Carpet Collections
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AG16 6836 TrueMicaMist


E118 9836 TrueMicaMist


NEWP 6239 Suede


PLT2 9798 CountryBeige

Platinum II

PLT2 9837 Ash
PLT2 9836 TrueMicaMist
PLT2 9832 Gunmetal
PLT2 9202 Charcoal
PLT2 9140 Storm
PLT2 9124 ShadowGrey
PLT2 9005 Black
NEWP 6150 DoverGrey
NEP3 6150 DoverGrey
AG16 6832 Gunmetal
AG16 6743 MidnightStar
AG16 6586 Jasmine
AG16 6393 Coron
AG16 6140 Storm
AG16 6135 Sterling
AG16 6074 UltraBlue
AG16 6012 Sand
AG16 6005 Black
AG16 5124 ShadowGrey
E118 9798 CountryBeige
E118 9743 MidnightStar
E118 9135 Sterling
E117 9836 TrueMicaMist
E117 9798 CountryBeige
E117 9743 MidnightStar
E117 9135 Sterling
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Syntec produces only the finest quality marine products, so we hire only the finest salespeople to sell them—men and women who are as passionate about boating as the customers they work with. That’s why our marine sales team has so many long-term relationships with customers, and why they come back time and time again. When you work with the marine sales team at Syntec, you can count on a great product and professional and friendly service.