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Michelangelo, Da Vinci, And now Gussi Italia®

Gussi Italia® marine steering wheels make boaters and sailors feel at home at the helm. Inspiring awe in all those who hold them, our wheels are made of only the finest woods, steel, aluminum, and leather, following the time-honored traditions of generations of Italian craftsmen. Each wheel is perfectly molded, balanced, and weighted, offering an exceptional boating experience.

Beautiful, durable, and available in over 60 gorgeous designs, Gussi Italia® wheels are rugged enough for the rigors of boating, yet refined enough to sit among Italy’s greatest masterpieces. They turn effortlessly within a captain’s hands, providing exceptional control, quick response, and an impressive grip. We guarantee that once you get your hands on a Gussi Italia®, you’ll never want to let go.

View the Gussi Italia Steering Wheel Collections

View the Gussi Italia Steering Wheel Collections

Gussi Entry Collection
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Syntec sells only the finest products, so we hire only the best salespeople. We’ve put together a Gussi Italia team who are as passionate about quality as the customers they work with. Just as Gussi Italia wheels are a work of art, our team knows customer service is an art form too. Our promise is that we’ll never steer you wrong, and always treat you right.