Beauty that’s meant for the OPEN ROAD
Syntec OPEN ROAD™ Premium RV Interior Carpet Collections

The OPEN ROAD™ RV Carpet Line features several collections.
Each one features Syntec’s Enhancetec™ BCF polyester fiber which has been proven to form an exceptional line of carpet for our RV industry partners.

The RV industry has evolved greatly over the last decade and Syntec has been in lock step, innovating new products that address the needs of those changes and at the same time differentiating our customers in the marketplace. Consumers have come to expect the best in quality, design and luxury in materials used in their recreational vehicle.

Through innovative production, creative designs and product introductions, Syntec remains the forerunner in the RV industry.  Each of these carpet offerings benefits from polyester’s inherent stain resistant qualities, establishing a new carpet flooring benchmark. The Open Road™ line of RV carpeting delivers the best in style, price and durability without compromise.

Syntec OPEN ROAD™ RV Carpet Collections
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Dazzle 1009 Silver Lining


Offered in 15 oz.

Features Syntec’s Enhancetec™ BCF Polyester

100% threading using Syntec’s BCF polyester barberpole yarns that are lightly piled and textured to achieve a lightweight carpet with maximum coverage.

Debonair DB05 2003 Slate


Offered in 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, and 25 oz.

Features Syntec’s Enhancetec™ BCF Polyester

100% threading using Syntec’s BCF polyester barberpole yarns. Product ranges from lower pile with a tight construction for a more dense carpet with definition to a higher pile and loose construction for a nice trackless, textured look.

Decadence DC01 46111 SeaSalt


Currently offered in 18 and 19 oz.

Features 1500 denier BCF polyester yarn from Syntec / IFS with higher filament count for a softer feel.

100% threading using Syntec / IFS 1500 denier BCF polyester barberpole yarns that are textured and heatset on our GVA 5000 to achieve superior bulk. This product has a lower pile and tight construction for definition.

Duplicity DU02 0203 Glacier Grey


Offered in 16 and 18 oz.

Features Syntec’s Enhancetec™ BCF Polyester

A/B threading using Syntec’s BCF polyester barberpole yarns to allow for a multi colored carpet. Product has higher pile and loose construction to allow for a textured look.

Dazzle 1004 Thunder Cloud
Debonair DB06 2002 Smoke
Debonair DB05 2008 Vintage Brown
Duplicity DU04 0208 GreyStone
Duplicity DU03 0206 Mist
Duplicity DU04 0210 Vintage Khaki
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